Ben-9 let

* 15.6.1996

Beníček is our leonberger, his name in pedigree is Eman Nobert (Agyr lesní lom x Eris z Třeboňských rybníků). For a long age he followed us at out trips, now at his 9 years he lives in rest in our garden. At dog shows was Ben Excellent, we have zest of his imposing figure and best character.

Ben u vody Ben Ben v Karpatech Ben ve vlaku Ben



* 16.7.2001

Nero is German Shepherd Dog, name in pedigree Nero Vikar (Conan Dívčí plamen x Hany Vikar). Nero protects house and garden of my parents, he loves to go with us to training place and trips and play with beaucerons.

Nero a Kazan Nero Nero Nero Nero



* 12.8.2001

Kazan is German Shepherd Dog without pedigree. His imposition is protect house and garden of grandmother. He loves to play with other dogs and swim in pond.

Kazan a Nero Kazan Kazan Kazan Kazan





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